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by @donswinford

I’m blessed to have the BEST family in the world! They ROCK!

by Rocky VanBrimmer

Seriously, I love @Jason_WCMH for many reasons.  He has allowed me to sit in the “Big Boy Chair,”  humored me late at nights with his “Beat Calls,”  allowed me to guest co-host his podcast “Mind Bleach” and shared many a conversations in the late of the night.

I love Jason even MORE since he removed the pesky little underscore “_”  from his Twitter handle to JasonNBC4.  Ahhhhhhh that is BEAUTIFUL!

So what is the “big deal” about having an “_” in your ID one may ask?  Many things,  first things first:

1. People are lazy (myself included): It must be admitted, I am not a “hunt and peck” typer, I actually took typing classes (on a typewriter) back in high school (and did FANTASTICAL!) so I know where the “_ ” is.  Being one of these “lazy” people,  I hate reaching  over with my right pinkie finger to hit the shift key, while I reach up to hit the “_” button with my left pinkie finger.  I can only imagine what the “hunt & pecker” goes through when typing!

2. Mobile Tweeter: Another reason to drop the underscore from your Twitter handle is for mobile tweeters.  I use an HTC Touch Diamond cell phone by Sprint.  This phone does not have a keypad but a screen. I use a stylus to hit numbers and letters, which turns me in to a “hunt & pecker.”  Once again, because I am lazy… I am now forced to hit a “shift” button and hunt for the “_.” If you can not walk and chew gum at the same time, imagine the difficulty doing this while tweeting. Running in to someone can be most embarrassing, even worse the pole.

3. The Retweet: Dropping the “_”  makes great practice for those going for the coveted retweet. There have been times I have not been able to forward a good tweet from where it has been chopped, slashed, and mangled to get it in the space.

4. Aesthetics: The last reason to drop the “_” (this is my opinion only), it looks T-A-C-K-Y.  Seriously, what looks better as a Twitter ID: @MyTwitterID or @My_Twitter_ID?  I will let the examples speak for itself. Personally I like the former vs. the latter.

To quote the Pioneering Godfather of Columbus news using social media Ryan Squire “Please for the love of God, @WSYX_abc6 and @wtte_fox28 lose the underscore… Please. Pls???”

For some reason, this just makes sense!

What are your thoughts do you have to make Twitter a better place?
Rocky VanBrimmer CO Net Founder